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Top 10 powershell commands

PowerShell is a powerful command-line shell and scripting language for managing and automating tasks on Windows systems. Here are ten commonly used PowerShell commands and cmdlets:

  1. Get-Help: This command is used to get help and documentation for other PowerShell cmdlets. You can use it to learn more about how to use specific commands.
   Get-Help <cmdlet-name>
  1. Get-Process: This cmdlet allows you to retrieve information about running processes on your computer.
  1. Get-Service: Use this cmdlet to get information about services running on your system.
  1. Get-EventLog: You can use this cmdlet to retrieve event log data, including application, security, and system logs.
   Get-EventLog -LogName <LogName>
  1. Get-ChildItem: This cmdlet is used for file and directory operations. It’s similar to the dir or ls commands in other shells.
   Get-ChildItem <Path>
  1. Set-ExecutionPolicy: This command allows you to set the script execution policy on your system to control whether or not PowerShell scripts can run.
   Set-ExecutionPolicy <Policy>
  1. New-Item: You can use this cmdlet to create files, directories, or registry keys.
   New-Item -Path <Path> -ItemType <ItemType>
  1. Copy-Item: This cmdlet is used to copy files or directories from one location to another.
   Copy-Item -Path <SourcePath> -Destination <DestinationPath>
  1. Remove-Item: It’s used to delete files, directories, or registry keys.
   Remove-Item -Path <Path>
  1. Get-Content: This cmdlet allows you to read the content of a file. It’s often used for text file manipulation. Get-Content -Path <FilePath>

These are just a few of the many PowerShell cmdlets available for various tasks. PowerShell is highly versatile, and you can use it for a wide range of system administration and automation tasks on Windows systems. To learn more about specific cmdlets and their usage, you can refer to the built-in PowerShell help system using the Get-Help command or explore online documentation and tutorials.

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