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How to install MSSQL

First you need to download SQL server and you can do that here:

A little further down the page there are two options you can download that are free. Developer and Express.

I will run the Express version but the choice is optional. Once the file is downloaded, just start the installation.

Here, the simplest choice is basic and we run it on, you can change the settings later if you want to.

Just click Accept.

If you do not want the default location, you can browse to any location to install SQL. I install under default and then just click on install.

Go make coffee or just sit back until it’s done.

Now the installation is complete. You can choose here to configure the disks if you want or have several disks so you want to divide the data.

The important bit here is to click install SSMS. this to choose to download managenet studio.

Download this to install, this is where you do most of your SQL database configuration and SQL queries.

Run the installation of SQL Server Management Studio. You may need to start this as an administrator by right-clicking on the file and selecting run as administrator.

That was all for installing SQL Express, now you can start Sql Server Management Studio and connect to the database you installed.

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