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The gaming market is completely destroyed

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Free to play does not exist

This article is mostly to whine about all the broken games. I really enjoy playing games but I want to do it with skill and not as a proof of how much I can pay. The financial tip in this is that if you like games like me, it’s probably time to think again because if you like games, you probably like the struggle to reach the top and not pay to reach it.

Saving tip is that instead of paying for things in a game, transfer that sum to an emergency savings account that can be used in times of crisis.

Free to play does not exist is just a marketing term for games that are pay to win. This has gone on so long that there isn’t a single game on mobile that can be played to get to the leaderboards with skill or to graind/farm items. If you have a sufficiently fat wallet, you top those lists without skill.

Don’t need to list games for all games on the mobile market are based on the same concept.

You really have to be careful because they are good at selling their crap and all of a sudden you have burned a lot of money on digital things that don’t really have a value but only show that you are willing to invest a lot of money to be at the top the ranking.

The sad thing about this is that there are no real games left because it’s clear that all game companies want to make money and I don’t mind that, they earn it by making good games. But how much fun it is when all the games are about ranking by showing who has the biggest wallet.

Can anyone list a single game that is free to play that is not pay to win? I accept that game development companies need to make money but I’d rather pay a fee / month than pay for items that make my characters stronger. When you pay for things that make you superior, everything about rankings disappears and only shows how much you pay to appear good.

It’s so bad that even the most incompetent player can be the best in the rankings as long as he/she has a fat wallet and it’s sad because I love playing games and rankings but not at a cost because it ruins the competition to strive to be better.

Or is it the new way to compete by showing how big our wallets are and how much we can fatten the companies that develop these games?

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