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New year new opportunities 2023

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let’s start 2023

It’s time for a change, at least for me. Turning 46 this year and things don’t look good financially but there are always opportunities so let’s get a hold of life and reverse the negative spiral. In three years 2026, the goal is to have extra income from passive income sources and be on a positive side financially.

How is going to be done?

When you listen to a lot of inspirational media, you should always invest in knowledge and skills. The first thing you have to do when you have no money to invest is to check what knowledge you have and skills.

I have some advantages in that I am a developer and can create digital products. I will share this on this blog so that others can also succeed. Will also make gods how to learn come rinte have some tutorials here because there are tons of free tutorials online to find. What I will create here are guides how to make ready applications/programs and templates for different online pages that you can sell online.

Other advantages I have is that I am creative, which means that I will use it to create digital art that can also be sold online. This through various marketplaces and web stores.

Investments I will make

Will invest in system camera as I have both an interest in photography and the ability to sell photos online or put them up for free download. This can help create affiliate marketing, which is also a very good source of income.


Of course, I will also spend time creating content on YouTube, which is one of the best places to be for passive income and affiliate marketing.


Yes, this is not a New Year’s resolution, but just very important for the order to succeed. Without good health, it will be difficult to create new routines and opportunities. Will also try to inspire health improvements here as earlier in my life I trained and competed at an elite level and have always trained and tried to eat well.

My 2023

So this is my 2023 and will update this blog at least once a week with new information so be sure to stay tuned in 2023 for new opportunities where it’s time to turn everything into positive energy.

Here we go

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