How long does it take, tips and ideas for extra income

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Earn income from extra projects

What should be expected to take in time? this depends on which extra income you choose to start with But a simple rule of thumb is that you should always try for six months with your projects. Some projects generate money early but the desired goal may take some time to reach.

Is it simple and does not require anything

There is nothing in this world that comes for free, there is always something you have to pay for. You can start financially free projects, but the time you put in is not free. You can succeed by just using your own time.

Will here list some projects you can start that do not cost more than your own time.


Many people say that you can just create a simple video and then you can start making money. It’s not really that simple as YouTube has an algorithm that calculates how and what should be highlighted in the feed for visitors.

You need to expect to spend some time creating good videos. You can create so-called faceless, you don’t even have to talk yourself, but you need content for youtube to push the videos you make.

Here you need to count on a few months of time and a little depending on how many videos you can create. You should have about 35 videos for the algorithm to push. Then it is clearly an advantage to have a network of contacts who can start following and liking videos, because the algorithm also takes that into account.


This requires time by searching for published jobs on various pages or creating your own gig. But if you have the knowledge needed to sell your services, this is a very good start to earn some extra money. However, not so passively, but for what you earn, you need to put in your time.

Affiliate marketing

Is something one can earn a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser using an affiliate link. The affiliate partner is rewarded with a payout for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser. Here you need a network and somewhere to publish the links such as a blog, youtube or website.

Get paid to test apps and websites

Nothing will stop business faster than a website full of problems or an app that doesn’t work. So developers have testers go in and press all the links and play with all the buttons to make sure things work before they go live. Guess what? You can get paid for that.

Sites like  UserTestingUTestUserlyticsUserCrowd, and Enroll can hook you up with tons of website and app testing gigs. Some competitive gigs even offer $100 for a 60-minute test, so there’s money to be made here.

Take paid online surveys

There are countless companies and market researchers who want to know what people think about their products and services. Sites like Branded SurveysSwagbucks, and Survey Junkie  have tons of surveys that you can get paid to take. Taking surveys probably won’t pay your bills, but it might fill your pocket with extra cash for the weekend.

Start a blog on Substack

Blogging has long been popular, but monetization can prove challenging. That’s why more and more bloggers are turning to Substack, a platform where independent writers can publish their work directly to their audience and get paid using recurring subscriptions.

This allows bloggers to build an audience over time and maintain a regular stream of monthly income, without having to rely on intrusive ads, sponsorships, or finding freelance writing gigs.

Design and sell your own t-shirts or other products

Print-on-demand businesses are fun, low-risk ventures if you have a passion for design and want to dip your feet in the entrepreneurial waters. Shopify apps like PrintfulPrintify, and Gelato let you easily upload custom designs on t-shirts that are printed and shipped at the time of purchase, meaning you don’t have to make large inventory purchases up front.

Sell digital products

Digital products include all non-physical assets that exist in the digital world. These products are usually downloadable or streamable files such as MP3 files, PDF files, videos and templates. If you are a musician, music is always needed for films and ad campaigns.

If you are a graphic designer, websites are always looking for new fonts and graphics to make their website stand out. Digital products can include educational materials, free-to-use audio files (such as stock sound effects or music), digital templates, and more.

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