Game mechanics that lasted a short while but were absolutely wonderful

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Bring back the possibility to give back

An absolutely wonderful game mechanic that only lasted a short time. Was it because it didn’t generate that much money back to the gaming company or was it because it benefited players too much.

Auction house

A number of years ago there was an opportunity for those who liked to farm equipment and material to sell at an auction house. You could make some money here on the time you put into finding the perfect gear. It was a wonderful idea, but it was only removed because it gave too much back to players and maybe then generated too little back to the game company.

The feature wasn’t based on pay to win but allowed those who have the ability to pay for gear to do so to get in the race and avoid farming as much. Why it’s not pay to win is because the ability to get gear was in the game by playing it without paying for the stuff.

But was a perfect exchange of those who had the time and maybe didn’t have the money to get paid for the time put in and benefit those who could pay to not have to put in the time. But there was no compulsion to reach the top, you could always fix things yourself at no cost.

This is a game mechanic that I miss that could pay back players instead of players just paying all the time. Is not a loss for the game company, but would be a profit as they can take a listing fee when a player succeeds in selling things.

Why not give back to gamers instead of making them pay all the time tricking them into paying to win things.

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