The new beginning

The poor father begins to invest and take risks to acquire assets

This page is created to be able to help more poor families to help their children to a better financial future. But even on its own, because it’s never too late once you figure out how it works. But you have to dare to risk a little to get somewhere.

Turn your money into more value

Building this on insight from the book rich dad poor dad (Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki). Where I really am or was the poor father because I saw income in how much I worked and to be able to pay more you worked overtime as soon as there was an opportunity.

Work and work to be able to put food on the table and a roof over your head.

But the possibilities for a safe economy do not lie in the flow of money in and out, but in how much assets you can create. through assets and a financial flow in the daily job. If you build your finances for security and not rely solely on what you earn by working.

invest money for them to grow

this page is first and foremost to push me forward and to give knowledge to families and take the chance to break their habits. But that being said, I am definitely not a financial advisor but a developer and hard working poor dad.

It is now time to break my paths and create a financial security for myself and transfer my accumulated knowledge to my children as the rich families do. It’s what makes the rich get richer.